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My Child is Disabled, what type of Will do I need?

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My Child is Disabled, what type of Will do I need?

With a disabled child, more protection needs to be considered by way of a Disabled Trust.

By setting this up early and contained within a will it ensures that the Trustees appointed are able to provide for the child at a time when he most needs funds, this may be at any time during his or her lifetime.

For example; A child may need financial support for a school trip or as an adult there may be a requirement for a suitably equipped car for him or her to drive which requires some contribution to help pay for it.

By setting up a Disabled trust in your Will, should anything happen to you – you will have the peace of mind knowing that you have set up a facility that will ensure your child can have access to funds, with the help and direction of the Trustees without affecting his or her on-going disabled benefit’s.

Go to our Disabled Trusts page to find out more information.

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