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Secure Document Storage

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We offer a unique service that involves much more than the safe, secure document storage of your wills. We have come across many clients who have paid out considerable additional sums of money when they needed to change their Wills.

This can be avoided, therefore we decided on a service to our clients that not only provides safe storage of your original wills, we provide you with copies of the wills and write to your appointed executors explaining that we have the wills for safe storage should ever they need them and we also offer help and guidance for all of the executors for free.

This enables the executors to have a choice in deciding on whether they choose to complete the administration of the estate known as probate or they decide to choose a professional, if they choose to complete themselves then we will guide them through the process without charge potentially saving thousands of pounds in probate fees.

In addition to this should clients wish to update their Wills at any time, we will produce new Wills for signature and safe return without any additional charge at all. You have the additional benefit of asking for any advice needed in the area of Estate Planning including Inheritance Tax advice for other family member’s.

The annual payment for this storage is just £39 payable by standing order. There is no contract, we store the Wills however if a client should ever decide to have the wills returned to them for whatever reason they simply call to ask for their wills to be returned and cancel the standing order.

We believe that with the benefits of becoming a client for life it is well worth the £39 a year. This £39 is payable per couple not each. Storage of the two Wills is the same price as it is for a single person. Most clients need to change their wills several times during their lifetime. Of course this facility is entirely optional at the choice of the client.