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I Want to Leave a Gift to Charity in my Will

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I Want to Leave a Gift to Charity in my Will

Did you know that many people would like to leave a gift to Charity in their Will?

Consideration has to be given to this and care needs to be taken.

For example; if the gift to be given free of any potential inheritance tax that falls within the estate, the charity needs to be recognised with a registration number.

Also think about the impact of leaving a large sum to a charity on the rest of the family, the intended beneficiaries.

There have unfortunately been several court cases that have been brought about by families challenging the way that charities have been left large sums of money, and vice versa, and there have been questions about the way the gift was intended by the testator (the person who made the Will).

This can be avoided by having the will drafted by a professional Will drafter. We can help and give advice in this area.


If you want a professionally drafted Will, you can look at our Will Drafting page for more information.

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