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We want to buy a House, do we need a Will?

We want to buy a House, do we need a Will?

When people are starting out and decide to take the leap and buy their first home, it is the right time to look at all their finances.

This includes adding a Will to their tick list of important things to have in place.

Depending on how the house is being purchased, this may pass automatically to the spouse by the survivorship law should there be an untimely death.

However this is not always the case and we can advise on the best route forward.

In any event you are now on your way to owning a substantial Asset and very soon you will have more items of value as well as savings.

Therefore, providing good solid advice is essential in having wills drawn up early to give you both the peace of mind required.

Don’t leave it and put it off until old age it really is not worth the risk. Never put off until tomorrow the important things that you can do today.

If you want to get a professionally drafted Will, please see our Will Drafting page for more information.

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