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We have a Family, is this the time to make a Will?

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We have a Family, is this the time to make a Will?

If you have not already done so and you now have a family then yes it should be a priority to have Wills in place.

You need to consider how you would like your Assets to be distributed should there be an untimely death. You should consider the guardianship for the young children as an absolute priority.

You need to protect the children and therefore consideration needs to be given as to what age they should be able to receive their share of the estate and the important decision about appointing Executors

Executors are personal representatives, these are the people who carry out your wishes and have a legal obligation to do so.

Our services extend to providing a simple guide for the executors appointed which explains their duties and how they can rely on us to help guide them should they ever need support, and of course this includes yourself or your spouse who are also first line executors.

If you want to get a professionally drafted Will, please see our Will Drafting for more information.

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