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Many people put off making a Will because the truth is they know they need do it, but they don’t want to, its a fact its a need not a want. 2016 gave us a timely reminder of the unforeseen and untimely deaths of many famous people. This is not an attempt to put fear into you but a simple reminder of all of our mortality and in any age group. By putting in place your wishes you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you have ensured that the people of your choice will gain and benefit in the way that you choose. Your legacy will be certain by putting in place what you desire for your personal Assets and belongings. No matter how small or large your Assets in property and savings the main reason for giving your instructions for a professionally drafted Will by a qualified Will drafter means that you have left nothing to chance.

From experience people on second marriages or new relationships have even more reason to ensure that their children remain secure in benefiting from what you want to see happen. Consider a situation where the untimely death of a spouse leaves the surviving spouse eventually meeting a new partner, they believe that their life has at last changed for the better which is totally understandable. However should the surviving spouse remarry and then die before their new spouse there is every chance that their children will be denied what was intended for them through what is known as sideways disinheritance. We have seen this on numerous occasions. Ensure this does not happen to you. Take the first steps to have a free no obligation confidential discussion in the comfort of your own home by putting the things that matter into a Legal document. A Will professionally drafted to give you the total peace of mind, knowing that you have protected your love ones for the future has to be the sensible choice don’t put off today something that you may do tomorrow.

Many people have said I can trust this person to “take care of things” but this is not the route you should take, in any event a professional Will ensures that you do not die intestate (dying without a Will) which apart from being fraught with danger will take longer to sort out the affairs of the deceased.

We have over 10 years’ experience in providing help and advice in the area of Wills and estate planning. Taking details from a client needs specific questions, good communication, exchange of information and the gathering of accurate records this is vital in order to provide the right advice and ensure that wills are produced to suit each and every client’s need and reflect their wishes accurately.

We take pride in the fact that we are STEP qualified with the much sort after Advanced Certificate in Will Preparation and Will Drafting and keep up to date with the latest legislation to enable us to work with our strict compliance, due diligence and duty of care.

Being members of STEP the Society of Trusts and Estate practitioner’s helps to keep us abreast of the latest news and developments related to the field of estate planning. We continually review and update our methods of working practice to ensure we give clients the best advice not just for their Wills today but for the future as well.

We believe that you are a client for life and will do our utmost best to help with any future advice that you might require with any area of estate planning as your situation changes which it does as you go through life.

We are only satisfied when you are more than satisfied.